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I write and draw kinky short illustrated stories; Perverse texts about female domination made with a black ballpoint pen. It starts as sex game. All is a fiction, sometimes not. I write about domination, and humiliation. I write about orgasm, and also denial.

I write and draw my graphic material since March 2021. I draw as I write. I like it dirty, unperfect and rough. My texts and drawings explore the lands of the unperfect bodies, the broken minds, and the twisted souls. I lost myself between too many stereotypes. Who I am?

I am an old white short man. Lesbian? No. I am a young black hetero woman? Tall and fat? Maybe. I am a middle-aged skinny albino animal? Well. I am surely no gender. No sex last night? I didn’t sleep. I draw porn. I have holes. Some. I have sex. Often. I fantasize. A lot. I am like you. Probably.

Here is Victoria. Vickie is a power player in the philanthropic field. What does she have to say about the Haute lifestyle? It is a depraved life. In return, she is fully committed to charities.

First time — I show you the videos of all my past lovers. I want you to comment on each man. Which one would you suck for me?

The invitation card for the Boys Rope Society next party mentions the date and Cicero’s verse Est hodie in bonis meaning “a day with the boys”. No address. Ladies know it well.

Old grannies love to humiliate young sissies. They play with the forgotten doll of their childhood. They mock their naive beauty, use their bodies for their pleasure. They badly crave it.

Here is Ken, crawling on the floor. That is months, he fantasizes about sex vacuums, roped systems, dilated orifices, electric stimulations, and vibrating tubes to train himself. Now Ken you are mistress’ toy.

Look at you! Is this what you want to look like? Feminized and transformed into a emasculated boy that only exists to satisfy me? Come closer, I’m going to break you, no reprieve, leave here your manhood.

When you are a weak sissy desperate to be stripped of any masculinity and loaned out to suck cocks, you may visit mistress Gina. She will turn you into the pathetic boy you desperately want to be.

Do you like Gina? Why don’t you take your clothes off sissy? Now you want to see me as I see you. Fully nude! Of course you want it. Come here. Crawl. Bow down. Hurry up and assume the position.

Tommy, this is Dana. Dana wears black leather, high heels and no underwear. Still shy?

Dana likes to be outrageous. At the park, she ask guys in the aisles to kiss her soles.

La petite mort is a near-death experience from orgasm. Sometimes fatal. Do not pass the line. Stay on edge…


I write and draw kinky short illustrated stories.

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