Boys Rope

The invitation card for the Boys Rope Society next party mentions the date and Cicero’s verse Est hodie in bonis meaning “a day with the boys”. No address. Ladies know it well.

Old grannies love to humiliate young sissies. They play with the forgotten doll of their childhood. They mock their naive beauty, use their bodies for their pleasure. They badly crave it.

A slave is a wild animal tamed under the sadistic whip of a matron, generally when he is still young. It often happens that Madame becomes a subject of admiration. A Stockholm syndrome.

Today is a special evening for maternal sadism. Nude inspection in the boudoir. Last moment of intimacy before entering the scene, in the library. A baroque place for old filthy pleasures.

The pediment of the marble fireplace is supported by two lazy slaves. On the front, the coffee table is left free to tie a sissy as an ornament. The hall is ready, a nude boy is entering.

Tied alone in the darkroom. Exposed to them as a weak thing. They look at him, through holes disposed around the room. Few wood panels squeak under their feet. Some are laughing.

How many have been sadistically tied to the legs of the ebene wood? Enduring the position. Waiting hours. And then lights appear, three blows are hit on the floor. The play may begin.

The spanking scene is conducted with a continuous lashing out, an ass flushed with pleasure, and a sissy stentorian voice! Guests enjoy it. This was widely regarded as mistress’ chef-d’œuvre.

Untied from the table, the sissy hangs sadistically from the chandelier. The digestifs are about to be served, candles are light up on the back of the boy. A nocturnal delight.

The guests enter the room to play with the doll: Face slaps, holes stretch, nipples pinch, skin marks… Nothing can please more old tarts than a cute boy caught in the net of their perversity.

A lady from a good society always craves a tragic play.




I write and draw stories, short sex fictions with naughty artwork.

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I write and draw stories, short sex fictions with naughty artwork.

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