Broken Boy

Teaching sissy boys humiliation

Here is Ken, crawling on the floor. That is months, he fantasizes about sex vacuums, roped systems, dilated orifices, electric stimulations, and vibrating tubes to train himself. Now Ken you are mistress’ toy.

Look at you! Is this what you want to look like? Feminized and transformed into a emasculated boy that only exists to satisfy me? Come closer, I’m going to break you, no reprieve, leave here your manhood.

Lick the floor and the heels who will smash you, leaving you totally empty, without other purpose than pleasing me trough pervert games. Submit your last will to me, don’t think or fight it, just be it. Lick it all!

Well, before taking it in his boy pussy, my so innocent plaything will be spanked first. Worship me, obey me, suffer for me. I am going to leave you totally mind-washed, humiliated, weak and begging for more.

Here you are broken doll. I know it is hard to accept but your tiny thing make you a sissy for ever and I will pass you the envy to touch your ugly clitty. I am in the mood to tease and terrorize you little puppet.

I have a surprise for you. Look up to that big boy-pussy opener. Oh! You are such a cutie when you overreact at the sight of a massive one? You were hoping I would spare you pervert but it will not happen.

We will adjust your attitude. After each push, you will get closer to a brainwashed naughty pig. Let me overstretch you! Feel yourself completely submissive as my big thing slowly penetrates your straight hole.

You can’t get enough and I can totally see why. Loser! Lick my strapon. I will stretch your throat as well. Leave now your dignity in my hands to do with as I want. Thank me for making you a total piece of dirt.

Let’s get back to what you are made for: A boy who needs a lesson. Spread those slutty legs and take my strapon back. Don’t moan sissy! I will open you so wide. At the end of the day you will silently take it all.

Eyes down! Kneel and worship this black totem erected to celebrate your entire submission. I will reprogram your brain. You are unable now to resist in any way. Submit or you will be whipped hard again.

You are in good hands now my sweet dolly. Be grateful to your mistress — your puppeteer.

I write and draw erotic fictions including sex stories with original artwork.