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Sin Street

Where was I hiding all this time?

4 min readFeb 22, 2024


I disappeared (I know you haven’t noticed.) I didn’t start it, the algorithm did — I know, I should write differently, without profanity, and draw dolphins instead of smut. But that’s what keeps me going.

Where have I been? — Oh, hiding inside oneself is the best.

All these months, I had a room on Sin Street, a dark universe and a weekly publication I share with the exquisite

. It is such a great satisfaction to build a fantasy world you can live in.

So how it is in this noir universe? I would say that, like any war, it is always a big explosion at first, then we adapt, and it slowly disappears from the trends. But — I love living in this limbo.

We, me, Kate, want to replace pain with an intense pleasure. Even if the Substack platform has also censored our newsletter and creation, we do it all for ourselves, spitting out fantasies every week.

Is it raw? — Yes, of course, because real life is like that, right?

Our creation is not a place you want to live in but one where you desire to play. A fantasy land exquisitely described in raw art and words.

We love Sin Street because it is a part of us, eventually a part of you; whatever Suburbia you live in, you will probably recognize aspects of Sin Street, your inner world. Do you want to know the story of Erin?

It is a woman’s desperate tale of humiliation starting in a pit of despair before her rebirth, revenge and resurgence. Erin’s story begins in a dark place because it must.

To say all, Erin fought and won, but the war isn’t over. To read the twenty four episodes of The resurgent whore, it is the best opportunity to get yourself hooked by our dark, dirty streets.

They visit Sin Street specifically for sex, death, and suffering.

Somehow, and it may sound strange, we are getting more and more tourists on Sin Street. Attracted by our extreme telling of tales, the phenomenon is known as dark tourism — a term for visiting sites with a morbid aura.

They love Sin Street. It is a kinky attraction to feed their Noir needs before returning to ordinary life.

To fuel this growing desire for our sinful streets, we are posting more about places like the infamous old docks, a true shithole in the Southeast, and the first destination of the extreme hitchhikers.

The Golden Sun Chinese restaurant, also known as “Sun Sun.”

Will it surprise you that the “Sun Sun” restaurant, where we used to meet and talk about our writings and drawings, has become a super hip place?

Creating something from nothing is hard, but surprisingly, Kate and I agreed that the Sin Street universe brought our talents together for a reason, and we are aligned in absolute and resolute determination to tell the story from its darkness.

Turn off the lights and sit in a corner, here is the first episode: