Strip Tease

When you are a weak sissy desperate to be stripped of any masculinity and loaned out to suck cocks, you may visit mistress Gina. She will turn you into the pathetic boy you desperately want to be.

Do you like Gina? Why don’t you take your clothes off sissy? Now you want to see me as I see you. Fully nude! Of course you want it. Come here. Crawl. Bow down. Hurry up and assume the position.

Here we start. Shirt and skirt are taken off. Do you like mistress’ body. Do you want to be like me? Well, you know what to do! Oh, you want to see me without panties! Are you sure this is what you want?

Put my panties off. No pussy for you! The collar will be your reward. As I undress, you will put my clothes on. I will feminize you. I will become your crossdressing teacher. First let’s trash your man clothes.

Do you like to wear my panties? The soft feeling of the silk on you. Is it my scent on your baby cock? Is this make you hard? Yes it is! This is the only way your cock will smell pussy. Drool for your mistress.

How do you feel with lipstick and stockings on? Is my perfume turn you on? You don’t want me anymore? Oh you want to be me! That’s cute. You are gonna look like a whore when I finish your makeup.

Good sissy boy. Let me remove my bra. I see you are staring at my boobs. Don’t touch! You like them? You want the same ones? Ah! Dirty girl. Open your mouth and lick my bra instead. Pathetic thing!

Now you will be my toy. Let’s totally transform you into a woman. Do you like your new brushing sissy? Put my bra on. Make yourself more feminine. Adjust your stockings. Don’t forget who is in charge.

Come get your reward from mummy. I will spank you harder. What a slut. I will get you high heels in your size. Now that you wear the panties, you also want to stroke a real big one, don’t you? Lucky you!

I know you are excited by the satin touch of my blouse. Here’s your reward! Is your ass burning now? You want more? Good! My man loves me to suck him in the dark. He will smell you like if it’s me. Go on!

I allow you to be back only with his cum in your mouth. He is waiting next door.




I write and draw stories, short sex fictions with naughty artwork.

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I write and draw stories, short sex fictions with naughty artwork.

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